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The Why

Cyber attacks caused nearly $1 trillion of damage in 2021. The damages are estimated to be $10.5 trillion by 2025 if we don’t act now. On the other hand, forecasts suggest that by the end of 2025 there will be over 3.5 million unfilled cyber jobs available in this field creating a well timed  opportunity for NGT Academy to train and up-skill the next generation cyber workforce.
Our mission is to train 1 million cyber warriors by 2030!
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Terry Kim CEO & Co-Founder

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The Story About The Founders

NGT Academy is a cyber & network security training platform. The company was founded by former tech instructors from the U.S. Air Force who trained thousands of engineers for the military with top security clearances. The founders have combined the military-style training philosophy of job readiness with over 40+ years (in total) of work experience across network engineering, cyber security, and systems engineering for the U.S. government, Cisco Systems, Arista Networks, & Dimension Data. The result is an immersive program constructed to get NGT Academy students into careers in cyber and network security jobs within months rather than after years of traditional education.
Our Business Model: Zero Tuition Upfront. With NGT Academy’s Income Sharing Agreements (“ISA”), our graduates pay 10% of their income for four years, which occurs only after they are making more than $40,000 in annual salary. With an ISA, students only pay when they succeed, so NGT’s and its students’ success are aligned (unlike traditional college degrees). With NGT Academy’s ISA (Income Share Agreement) model, we've enrolled over 1400+ students into our programs since early 2020!*
Source: Leif.org - 3rd Party Vendor
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Jacob Hess CAO & Co-Founder

Terry Kim CEO & Co-Founder

Their Values: What They Believe In

  1. Kaizen

    A term meaning "Change for Good” or “Continuous Improvement”. It is a philosophy we follow to improve 1% everyday for the better or always be learning, which can be applied to your personal life and or to the business processes.

  2. Customer Obsession

    Our north star metric at our company is to change the life of our students for the better by providing the best possible education and support for their careers. Everything we do is for our students' success!

  3. Excellence

    Excellence in all we do is a mindset of giving it your best and putting your best foot forward with everything you do.

Behind The Scenes

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S1E1 of Behind the Scenes NGT Academy

NGT Academy's Terry and Jacob give you a preview of their new campus.

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