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A handbag brand where form meets function and quality reigns supreme.

Per the 2020 audited financials, Hammit is operating at a net loss.

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Regulation A offerings are public offerings, made in accordance with an exemption from SEC registration. Securities offered this way aren’t publicly-traded securities, though, which means investors will not be able to sell them on a stock exchange and may have to hold them for a long period. The companies making Regulation A offerings may never become publicly-traded companies.

The Why

In 2008, a small team of Californians began shaping a new, client-focused dream. We created a world where form meets function, quality materials triumph and lifetime promises reign supreme.
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Tony Drockton Chairman & Chief Cheerleader

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The Story About The Founders

Tony Drockton took on the reins of Hammitt in 2008, bringing more than a decade of experience in building successful businesses in construction, real estate, and home finance before indulging his creative passions. His vision and leadership has seen Hammitt’s transformation from a best-kept hometown secret to a digital and retail phenomenon. He has led the team in building an unparalleled customer experience and his obsession for customers, craftsmanship and community created a following that extends far beyond the Southern California beaches.
Andrew received an MBA from Pepperdine University, and has served as CFO of Vidal Sassoon Salons and Schools, founding COO of Jimmy Choo, CEO of Taryn Rose, CEO of Jupi Corporation (Kardashian Fashion Brands), and COO of BED|STU before joining Hammitt as CEO Officer in 2017.
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Andrew Forbes CEO

Tony Drockton Chairman & Chief Cheerleader

Their Values: What They Believe In

  1. Functionality

    We believe that functionality comes first. Following that, we’ve designed to surprise and delight with innovation and evolving functionality.

  2. Customer-Focused

    Each style starts with a thought and an idea to solve a problem. Ideas become sketches, which come to life thanks to high-quality materials that are selected to last and intended to be cherished. Each handbag keeps you in mind and is here to help you be yourself and make your life easier and more colorful.

  3. Durability

    We guarantee every piece of signature hardware and every smooth-gliding zipper forever. Need a repair? We’ll handle it free of charge, from start to finish. Yes, forever.

Behind The Scenes

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S1E1 of Behind the Scenes Hammitt

Hammitt’s Andrew and Tony have some fun between takes.

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