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The Why

PROVEN cultivates skincare routines that evolve with you through all seasons of your life. By transforming big data and AI into an actionable listening tool, PROVEN can tune into your specific skincare goals and create personalized formulas and care that adapt to your one of a kind life. Treatments backed by science and beauty standards rooted in reality set PROVEN apart. Efficacy meets ease in simple, clinically proven routines that help you achieve your best skin yet!
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Ming Zhao CEO & Co-Founder

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The Story About The Founders

Our story is rooted in compassion, and our goal is your best skin ever. When friends and founders, Ming and Amy, began their beauty journey they felt stumped by a world of skincare that required costly experimentation and put women under a critical microscope. That’s why they created the only skincare that listens to you and nourishes your complexion with a routine that is 100% by you, for you.
As the first skincare line to use machine learning and data science, personalized insight and groundbreaking intelligence are formulated into every PROVEN solution. We humanize data and customize products to take care of your skin today, tomorrow, and forever. Your concerns are heard and your skin is calm, healed, understood, and glowing. 47 data points come together to connect the dots between the best you now, and the best you in the years to come. Thanks to PROVEN’s data-based system, as the seasons of your skin change so does your accommodating formula!
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Amy Yuan CTO & Co-Founder

Ming Zhao CEO & Co-Founder

Their Values: What They Believe In

  1. Smart Data

    PROVEN creates personalized skincare based on recurring analysis of 47 factors about an individual, including their gene expression, lifestyle, environment and skin concerns.

  2. Personalization

    Every person is one of a kind and extraordinary—their skincare should be too! This skincare line is bespoke to order because your routine should match the unique seasons of your life.

  3. Ever-Evolving

    PROVEN skincare is the only line that evolves with you through all of life’s major milestones and changes. These times can be stressful, overwhelming, or simply take up all of your time! We make sure your skincare keeps up, so you can focus on YOU!

Behind The Scenes

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S1E1 of Behind the Scenes Proven Skincare

Take a peek behind the curtain with PROVEN’s Amy and Ming.

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