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We are casting high growth consumer products companies, but may consider other industry verticals. Ideal candidates will have a minimum of $10 million in annual revenue; with at least 2 years of operating history, and should be seeking to raise at least $15 million ($75 million maximum). Applicants that are pre-product or pre-revenue will not be reviewed.

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Going Public follows the stories of five entrepreneurs as they raise capital and take their companies public. For the first time ever, “Going Public” will give viewers around the world the opportunity to invest in the five featured companies at the Reg A+ IPO price. Customers and fans can now invest in the companies they know and admire alongside institutional investors as the series unfolds. The series begins as the leadership of featured companies connect the audience to their vision, mission and values. Viewers get behind the scenes as founders take their companies out on a public roadshow, seek guidance from notable mentors along the way, and watch with anticipation to find out if the companies complete their Reg A+ IPOs.

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