About The Creators of Going Public by Karlista Maroney


You've gotten to know the featured founders on the show, but now it's time to meet the creators of Going Public.


Todd Goldberg and Darren Marble

These are the Co-CEOs and Co-Founders of Going Public, the only series where viewers can Click-to-Invest while they watch. From passively seeing each other at their wives' work events to becoming business partners, Todd and Darren have set on a path to revolutionize capital markets and provide access for all investors to the companies they love.

But how did they get here?


Todd Goldberg

During Todd's extensive career in the medical device industry, he became an executive at a company on its way to an IPO. After speaking with family, friends, and even colleagues that hoped to become stakeholders pre-IPO, he discovered an alarming truth: Only institutional investors could get access to pre-IPO shares and the retail investors were locked out. Thus the idea for Going Public was born, both providing insight into the world of Public Offerings and providing access to non-accredited investors.


Darren Marble

Darren has cut his teeth in the world of capital markets and serial entrepreneurship since the early days of equity crowdfunding, originating from Obama's passing of the JOBS Act. Since then, he has served in founder and executive roles across multiple companies seeking to provide access to investment opportunities and capital. Now, Darren spends his time pioneering the future for Going Public with Todd.  


With Todd’s vision, Darren’s experience, and the duo’s mix of grit and determination, Going Public was created. Todd, Darren, and the Going Public team are committed to providing legal and equitable access to public offerings, and have assembled a renowned legal team to maintain safe and ethical guidance and practices.

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