How can investors learn more about the startups they want to invest in? by Karlista Maroney


Going Public’s mission is to educate, empower and make investing feel more approachable. Part of that is sharing accessible ways that people thinking of investing can use to inform and educate themselves on the offerings they’re exploring. So what resources can someone use to learn more about a startup they want to invest in? Let’s take a look at a few options.


1. Read the offering circular

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If the startup is filed using Regulation A+, the company is required to have this document open to the public. This document is filled with the risks, intentions, and disclosures anybody considering making an investment can read. You can find these by Google searching “*Company Name* Offering Circular”, and selecting the link from the SEC's website.


2. Look at the news section on the startup’s site for what others are saying about them

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Blogs, social media posts, and promotional materials are one thing, but what is the public reporting about a company? Check the news section, and also do your own research in the news about companies you’re exploring as a potential addition to your portfolio.


3. Watch Going Public

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Discovering opportunities online is a good way to get exposure to what investments are publicly available. However, Going Public takes this a few steps further and dissects the company's capital raise, provides the story of the company and its founders, and shares an inside look at its operations.


4. Google their reputation

How are the reviews of the company’s product or service? What are customers saying about the company? Valuable insights can be gained by seeing what real life customers are saying. 


5. Try the product or service

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Customers may rave about the company, but have you tried it out for yourself? See what the hype is about! 


6. Subscribe to the startup’s email list

A good way to receive updates and stay keyed into the activity of a company is to opt into their email list. This will give you insight into how the company markets itself, latest updates, and even pertinent information from the founders on occasion!


7. Look up the founders

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Who is in charge? Find out! Do some background work on the founders of the companies you’re researching. It's a good idea to check in and see if you resonate with the character behind the business.


In the end, what’s important is to make sure if you’re considering making an investment that you always do your due diligence. Put simply, this means do your research and fully understand the risks before making a decision to invest. 

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