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benzinga.com | March 2, 2021
Known as “the Tesla of skincare,” PROVEN shot into the spotlight last year when its female founders, Ming Zhao and Dr. Amy Yuan, appeared on “Shark Tank” to showcase their business.
fortune.com | Feb 2, 2021
TheStreet sat down with Lauren Simmons, the youngest-ever female trader on the New York Stock Exchange to discuss misconceptions about finance that minorities should avoid.
dot.la | Feb 3, 2021
A new television show about IPOs thinks it can help upend Wall Street’s pecking order, much like Reddit users did.
fortune.com | Feb 5, 2021

On Thursday, Hindenburg Research, the short-selling firm known for flagging issues with electric car company Nikola last year, released a report targeting Chamath Palihapitiya-backed Clover Health and called it a “broken business.”

nymag.com | Jan 23, 2021
For anybody over 26 years old, Lauren Simmons’s career trajectory will likely make you feel very, very old.
axios.com | Dec 17, 2020
Initial public offerings are getting the reality TV treatment, with a new show that will track five established companies on their path to the Nasdaq. And viewers will be able to buy-in.
prnewswire.com | Nov 17, 2020
Acclaimed Business Leader Joins Recently Signed Host and Wall Street Maverick Lauren Simmons to Guide Founders to a Nasdaq Listing
cheddar.com | Nov 9, 2020
Lauren Simmons, host of ‘Going Public’ joins Cheddar to discuss her new show and the importance of representation in business.
forbes.com | Oct 10, 2020
For years ago, Lauren Simmons made history as the youngest woman equity trader on Wall Street.
video.foxbusiness.com | Oct 1, 2020
Going Public’ host and the NYSE’s youngest-ever female trader Lauren Simmons discusses SPACs, direct listings and IPOs.
bloomberg.com | Oct 1, 2020
Lauren Simmons, entrepreneur and youngest-ever female trader on the NYSE, will discuss her upcoming interactive streaming series…
schoolforstartupsradio.com | Sept. 23, 2020
Todd Goldberg is a sales and marketing expert with a deep knowledge
savoynetwork.com | Sept 22, 2020
Lauren Simmons, the youngest female trader in the New York Stock…
prnewswire.com | Sept 22, 2020
Going Public” will follow a diverse cast of entrepreneurs as they strive…
crowdfundinsider.com | Sept 17, 2020
Reg A+ is a JOBS Act exemption that launched with great hope but…
money.usnews.com | Sept. 9, 2020
AVERAGE INVESTORS TEND to get left on the sidelines in favor of big funds when it comes to investing in initial public offerings at their…
baconwrappedbusiness.com | July 31, 2020
Equity Crowdfunding (Reg A+) allows small business owners to raise investment capital using traditional and digital marketing from…
caseyadams.com | July 29, 2020
If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank and wished that you could hop in the waters and invest alongside Mark Cuban and Mr. Wonderful…
cynopsis.com | July 15, 2020
NBCUniversal streaming service Peacock launches wide today with a free tier of 13,000 hours of programming. Peacock Premium will also…
dot.la | July 14, 2020
If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank and wished that you could hop in the waters and invest alongside Mark Cuban and Mr. Wonderful…
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