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Their Journey.Your Decision.

Going Public®

GOING PUBLIC® A groundbreaking new series where viewers can Click-to-Invest while they watch. New episodes stream every Tuesday on Going Public® and Entrepreneur.com.


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Episode 1 - Click-To-Invest

In the series premiere of Going Public®, meet Wall Street maven Lauren Simmons as she introduces you to two American companies – Hammitt and PROVEN – both of whom launched their public offerings where viewers can Click-to-Invest while they watch.

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Going Public®: Official Trailer (Season 1)

Check out the trailer for Going Public® - a new interactive series where you can Click-to-Invest in featured investment deals while you watch.

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WHAT IS GOING PUBLIC®: An innovative original series

Going Public® is a groundbreaking series that follows the stories of founders on their capital-raising journey, and for the first time ever, viewers around the world can Click-to-Invest while they watch.

Customers and fans can now gain ownership in featured companies as they launch their public offerings while the series unfolds.

THEIR JOURNEY. Your decision.

The Founders

The real stars of the show

Image of PROVEN's founders

Amy Yuan CTO & Co-Founder

Ming Zhao CEO & Co-Founder

Image of Hammitt's founders

Andrew Forbes CEO

Tony Drockton Chairman & Chief Cheerleader

Image of TREBEL's founders

Robert Vanech CFO & Chief Revenue Officer

Gary Mekikian CEO & Co-Founder

Image of NGT Academy's founders

Jacob Hess CAO & Co-founder

Terry Kim CEO & Co-Founder

It’s not the 'What' it’s the 'Why'


Why us

  1. A catalyst for emerging brands

    Going Public® offers brand exposure to millions of viewers who can now click-to-invest in any featured company’s public offering while they watch.
  2. Airing on Entrepreneur.com

    Season One will be digitally streamed on Entrepreneur.com, which boasts 20 million monthly unique visitors in the US and abroad.
  3. Promoted to millions of followers

    Entrepreneur Media provides extensive promotions for Going Public which includes driving awareness of individual episodes, press releases, mobile push notifications, marketing across Entrepreneur’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts, reaching their over 13 million followers.

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THEIR JOURNEY. Your decision.