Featured Company on Going Public®
Founders Terry Kim and Jacob Hess
Mentor in Season 1 of Going Public®
Josh Snow
Founder of Snow® Teeth Whitening
The First Company to be featured on Going Public®
Proven Skincare
Founders Dr. Amy Yuan and Ming Zhao
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Mentor in Season 1 of Going Public®
Jeff Hoffman
Global Entrepreneur from
Mentor in Season 1 of Going Public®
Jaime Schmidt
Founder of Schmidt's Naturals
The host of Going Public® Season 1
Lauren Simmons

A new Original Series that allows viewers to invest in Reg A+ IPOs.

Raise capital. Take your company public.

the series

On Going Public, anyone can invest in your Reg A+ IPO.

For the first time ever, Going Public will give viewers around the world the opportunity to invest in featured companies at the IPO price. Customers and fans can now gain ownership in the companies they know and admire alongside institutional investors as the series unfolds.


A catalyst for emerging brands


Airing on

Season One will be digitally streamed on, which boasts 14 million monthly unique visitors in the US and abroad. Entrepreneur will also distribute the series across their network including Facebook Watch, YouTube, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku.


Promoted to millions of followers

Entrepreneur Media promotions will include driving awareness of individual episodes, press releases, marketing across Entrepreneur’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts, reaching their 15 million followers, as well as mobile push notifications.


Current business shows provide no way for viewers to engage. Viewers want the ability to shape the outcome of the shows they’re invested in. Going Public makes that possible by allowing viewers to invest in and gain liquidity in the companies they’re following on the show.

World-Class Partners

All the resources you need

We’ve organized a team of world-class partners to help you navigate the Reg A+ IPO process from start to finish


ROTH Capital Partners, a small-cap institutional investment banking firm, may, at their discretion, firm commitment underwrite select Reg A+ IPOs in the series.


An Emmy-nominated production studio based in Studio City, California, INE Entertainment will produce Season One of Going Public.


A leading due diligence and compliance law firm, CrowdCheck will file each issuer’s Form 1-A Offering Circular with the SEC, working closely with both parties to achieve SEC qualification.


A pioneering investor marketing firm specializing in Reg A+ IPOs, Issuance will design, plan, and execute the digital marketing campaigns for all featured issuers.


Your Path to Going Public Starts Here

Season One of Going Public is slated to air in Fall 2021 Casting for Season Two is now open


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Raise capital. Take your company public.

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