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The Why

Saleen Automotive transforms transportation, and creates experiences that really move you. With our racing pedigree, we deliver aspirational vehicles with passionate driving performance and distinctive eye-catching design.
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Steve Saleen Founder, CEO, and Chairman

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The Story About The Founders

Saleen Automotive was founded by professional racer, Steve Saleen, in 1983 and debuted its first vehicle in 1984. Seeing the need for a limited edition, driver focused automobile, Steve created the Saleen Mustang which would go on to win driver and manufacture championships in racing. His vision proved to be popular amongst consumers who wanted the “race proven performance for the street.”
Starting with a clean sheet of paper, Saleen designed and built its own supercar, the S7. The S7R (racing version) would go on to dominate racing worldwide, ultimately winning the 24 Hours of Lemans and beating out top European competitors such as Ferrari, Porsche, and McLaren. This experience in building our own supercar led to a contract with Ford to engineer, develop, and produce the Ford GT (2004-2006). All of this history in manufacturing and racing provides a strong foundation as we move into the future with the S1 which is a true “sportscar with supercar DNA,” and our all new-electric S5 with its AWD and torque-vectoring to compete amongst the best supercars in the world.

This experience carries through in everything Saleen designs and builds today.
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Steve Saleen Founder, CEO, and Chairman

Their Values: What They Believe In

  1. Authenticity

    Saleen was founded by a true racing legend and we always remain true to our California roots and motorsports heritage. We are the real deal, and will always be true to our origins and uncompromised in our vision.

  2. Visionary

    Saleen always leads and never follows. With a positive outlook, we have the confidence to expand the boundaries of traditional transportation and to always be in control of our own destiny.

  3. Passion

    Saleen is about the emotion of motion. There is an innate passion built into everything we make that elevates our lifestyle and driving experience to an intense emotional high.


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