Season 2

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EPISODE 1: Three Minutes

On Day One, our three founders quickly discover that this is no ordinary business show when they pull up to the Mayweather Boxing Club. Under the guidance of
the G.O.A.T. himself, the parallels between boxing and business are striking, as one three-minute round with the champ sets the tone.

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EPISODE 2: Truth or Fail

Baron delves deep into the lives of each entrepreneur and their companies in a series of intimate interviews—with a catch. Each founder is hooked up to a lie detector, turning every question into a high-stakes truth challenge.

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EPISODE 3: Discomfort Zone

At Black Site Ranch, our founders are thrust into a grueling gauntlet of physical and mental challenges. Each test is a battle to prove their mettle to the experts— and themselves—as they fight to demonstrate success under extreme pressure.

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EPISODE 4: Undercover VC

Our founders arrive, expecting to meet with high-profile Venture Capitalists, but they’re in for a surprise. The VC’s have gone undercover, disguised as characters in the office. With the hidden cameras capturing it all, this unconventional pitch setting unveils each Founders’ true colors.

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EPISODE 5: Closing Bell

Our founders have triumphed in the ring, thrived under intense scrutiny, and persevered through pressure filled situations, outside of their comfort zone. Now, they share their deepest motivations and reveal what drives them to succeed while exploring what they hope to accomplish with the support of the viewers.

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